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Yoga Tree teacher Kumiko Koba and student Satoko Yoshikawa appeared in videos for Yoga Works.


Our daily schedule includes English, Japanese and bilingual classes. We teach classes for all levels of students. Beginner-friendly classes are indicated by “Level I.”
Class levels
The majority of our classes are (those marked Level I) suitable for all-levels of students. Beginners have a chance to learn proper alignment and begin the work of building strength and flexibility while more practiced students learn to refine their practice of Blueprint Asanas.
Welcome to beginners and all levels.
★★ Beginner to Intermediate. Requires some yoga experience, strength and flexibility.
★★★ Intermediate to Advanced. Requires some yoga experience and control in postures. In some cases may require an instructor’s approval.
Classes Description Level
Hatha I Our Hatha classes classes teach Blueprint Alignment in the most important yoga asanas. Beginners learn how to practice postures safely with correct alignment. More experienced practitioners focus on building strength, endurance and flexibility. You will also learn correct usage of props and the basics of yogic breathing.
Hatha II In the second level of our Hatha classes, students are challenged to improve their control and focus in more difficult postures. These classes may include inversions and stronger backbends. Recommended for students intermediate level and above. ★★
Hatha III These special classes teach more advanced postures and may include pranayama and meditation. Please note that Level III classes may require the permission of the instructor to attend. ★★★
Charity Class These Hatha Yoga special classes are taught by some of the newer teachers at Yoga Tree. Instruction is based on Blueprint Alignment. Payment is on a donation basis.
Blueprint Alignment This class breaks down the postures and movements of the Ashtanga series to give students a better understanding of how to practice. Ideal for beginners as well as experienced Ashtanga practitioners.
Iyengar Yoga This class offers unique sequences of asana based on the Iyengar Yoga method, which includes the use of props and focus on awareness of alignment. It is suitable for anyone eager to learn and enjoy yoga.
Hatha Vinyasa Like our Hatha Yoga classes, these classes take a methodical approach to building strength and flexibility. The key difference is that these classes incorporate more movement. ★★
Mindful Yoga In this class for all levels of students, we will practice postures with the support of props, gentle movement, and light pranayama to cultivate awareness in the body. This approach takes you deeper inward to bring a sense of spaciousness and deep relaxation of the body and mind.
Restorative Yoga In this class, we aim to recover health of the body and mind through a restorative approach. Using props to support the body, you will practice gentle asana to relax the body and mind. Practicing with awareness in relaxation is a form of meditation that allows to release tension from the body and bring calmness to the mind. No yoga experience necessary.
Stretch & Relax Yoga Stretch and Relax Yoga is for all levels of students seeking to relieve stress and improve their physical health. Through safe and practical stretches, you will improve strength and flexibility. Through simple breathing techniques, you will calm your mind and direct your awareness inward.
Prenatal Yoga This class teaches mothers-to-be gentle stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. We emphasize the importance of listening to your body, loving, and nurturing it while bonding with the miracle growing inside you. Recommended only after the 14th week of pregnancy. Please consult with your physician before attending the class. No yoga experience necessary.
Postnatal Yoga This class is a gentle way to help women regain strength and energy lost during pregnancy. We focus on rebuilding strength in the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles, releasing tension in the shoulders and neck, and opening the chest. While this is not a baby yoga class, you are welcome to bring your baby and we will include baby engagement exercises that let you relax and have fun together.
Run & Yoga Held once a month, this class will combine yoga and running. Each class will include a short run and exercises to bring more core strength, flexibility, relaxation to runners. Yoga or running experience not necessary.