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Yoga Tree teacher Kumiko Koba and student Satoko Yoshikawa appeared in videos for Yoga Works.


Yoga Tree Teacher Training Program Starts 2019

Modular Teacher Training Program: Learn at Your Own Pace

Yoga Tree’s Teacher Training Program comprises 5 modules, offering you the flexibility to study the content you need as you progress. Our focus is on producing excellent teachers, so we make your skills development our priority.

Our program is designed to appeal to prospective teachers seeking certification as well as to certified teachers seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills. In principle, students are free to attend any module whenever it is offered. If you are embarking on the path of yoga teaching, however, we recommend that you begin with Module 1.

For information on Modules 1-5, click on the details button below.

If you are interested in participating in our program, or want details on teacher certification, please write to us.


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Refer to below for details
Refer to below for details
Yoga Tree Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program
Yoga Tree’s Hatha Yoga Teacher-Training Program is designed to give you the foundation to become an excellent yoga teacher. Truth is, it takes years to acquire the experience and skills to teach well. That’s why it's important that your training program provide more than general knowledge. It should give you the hands-on experience and solid foundation from which to grow. With Yoga Tree’s modular program, you can study at your own pace and build your practice step by step toward teaching.

For Current & Prospective Teachers
Our modular program offers 200-hour certification for prospective teachers as well as continuing education for current teachers. Even if you are a yoga student just curious to see if yoga teaching is for you, our program allows you to tailor the instruction to your needs. Our focus is on ensuring that everyone who passes through our program learns what they need to become a better teacher.

Modular Program: Study at Your Own Pace
Our program comprises 5 modules, which you are free to take based on your availability and progress. Yoga Tree will provide certification for each module completed. Completion of all 5 modules and approximately 50 hours of electives is required for 200-hour-level certification.

  • Module 1: Detailing the Asanas
    16-session course centered on asana study; 16 two-hour sessions held weekly; special sessions of 2-3 hours on other topics will also offered as electives. (Module 1 in English for 2019 has concluded. Module 1 in Japanese will start on September 7, 2019. For details click here.

  • Module 2: Yoga Intensive Course
    5-7 day intensive course, totally approximately 30 hours, centered on the practice and teaching of asana; we currently plan to offer a 30-hour intensive with Michael Glenn in autumn 2019.

  • Module 3: Yoga Philosophy & Subtle Body Practices
    A 10-15 hour course on yoga philosophy and five sessions of pranayama instruction are the core of this module; special workshops related to subtle body practices, such as Yin Yoga, will also be offered as electives.

  • Module 4: Anatomy, Science of Movement & Therapeutic Applications of Yoga
    A 15-20 hour course on anatomy related to yoga is the core of this module; special workshops related to therapeutics and the science will also be offered as electives.

  • Module 5: Teaching Skills Development & Teaching Methodology
    This module comprises special workshops and and one-on-one skills development in topics such as sequencing classes and teaching to students with special needs; practice teaching sessions included.

  • Electives
    Teacher-focused workshops, mini-courses and one-on-one skills development on all the topics above will be offered throughout the year to students in the program.

For new teachers, we recommend beginning with Module 1 and developing an individual plan on how to progress through the other modules. Current teachers are free to take any of the modules when they are offered.

Our Approach to Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga, often described as the physical practice of yoga, is hundreds of years old. This ancient practice has transformed over the years, incorporating modern influences ranging from calisthenics to deep relaxation practices. At Yoga Tree, we focus on both the traditional and modern, teaching classical hatha yoga postures in the context of contemporary kinesthetics and functional movement. Our teachers understand human anatomy, therapeutic applications of yoga, and sports science. And we know that yoga is as much about the mind as the body. As a student in our program, you will learn our approach to using Hatha Yoga as a means of living a healthier life physically and emotionally.

Getting Started
If you are interested in acquiring teaching certification from Yoga Tree or in attending any specific module in our program, please write to us. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in yoga.
For prospective teachers, we strongly recommend beginning with Module 1.