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ヨガ教室検索はYOGA ROOM
Yoga Tree teacher Kumiko Koba and student Satoko Yoshikawa appeared in videos for Yoga Works.

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Yoga Tree is open to everyone
You are welcome to attend any of our daily classes on a drop-in basis. There are no membership fees. Come and enjoy an easy-going, open environment where every “body” can learn and practice yoga.
Our studio has an international vibe.
Being in Hiroo, our classes draw many nationalities. We offer classes in English, Japanese and a combination of the two. Several of our teachers are bilingual and provide instructions in both languages.
We have a reputation as a “serious yoga studio.”
True enough, our classes are much more than exercise sessions. Our interests fall much more in the direction of the how’s and why’s of yoga, the therapeutic value of postures, and the potential for yoga to improve your sense of well being.
We do not adhere to a single style of yoga.
We are, however, strong believers in the value of practicing with attention on alignment (we employ a method called Blueprint Alignment). By practicing with alignment, students work at their own pace and to their own needs, have fewer injuries, and grow to understand their bodies better.
We teach hatha yoga that you can practice for a lifetime.
Hatha yoga demands strength and flexibility. It also requires that your mind be calm and your body at ease. These aims may at first seem to conflict, but if you adopt a long-term approach to yoga and cultivate patience, you’ll discover that the best way to build strength and flexibility involves keeping your mind calm and body at ease.

Our Studio

Yoga Tree is bright and airy with comfortable wooden flooring. Our reception desk is staffed by our teachers who are available to answer your questions. High-quality props and mats are available free for you to use. Limited mat storage is available for ¥2000 for 3 months. We have a mineral water dispenser provided by the Mother Water Project. Minimize plastic waste. Bring your own water bottle and refill at the studio. For each refill, a donation to the Mother Water Project is requested. There are separate changing rooms for men and women. We do not have showers.

Attending Classes at Yoga Tree

• No reservations are necessary to attend our daily classes. Please check our online schedule before coming to the studio.
• Try to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts to sign in and give yourself time to prepare to practice.
• We have yoga mats that you may use free of charge.
• Have comfortable clothes to wear for the practice. We have changing rooms, but no showers.
• Please switch off your mobile phone before entering the studio.
• If you are pregnant or have a health condition that will affect your practice, please inform your teacher before the class.
Inside the studio
Inside the studio
Reception area
Reception area