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Learn yoga and improve well-being. Whether you are serious about developing an advanced yoga practice or simply seeking better health through improved strength and mobility, Yoga Tree classes helps you meet your goals. Our original approach integrates traditional yoga postures, sports science and therapeutics with an eye toward offering classes that are suitable for every body. 

Hatha Yoga

Integrating traditional yoga postures with modern movement, our hatha classes deepen your understanding of yoga and human movement, while teaching you ways to improve mobility, strength and balance. 

Hatha 1:

Okay for beginners

Hatha 2:

Minimum of 1 year yoga
experience recommended


Hatha 3:

Advanced level class for
experienced practitioners

Blueprint Alignment

This class employs intelligent principles of anatomy and physiology to give structure to the practice of yoga asanas. Taught by advanced yoga practitioner and licensed physiotherapist Satoko Tanaka.

Monday Series Class

Advanced asana class taught by Michael Glenn for yoga teachers and other serious practitioners. Instructor’s permission required to attend this class.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is an intelligent approach to hatha yoga that makes yoga a lifetime practice. In addition to Erika Arakawa’s classes on our daily schedule, we offer workshops and courses each year with international senior-level teachers.
Erika's classes are for all levels.

Mindful Yoga

Drawing your attention inward is a path to peace of mind and wellness. Kumiko Koba smartly sequences yoga postures and breathing exercises to bring body and mind into harmony.  For all levels.

Run & Yoga

Each class includes a short run and exercises centered on core strength and flexibility. Neither yoga nor running experience required. Taught by endurance athlete Izumi Ooki.

Restorative Yoga

By offering ways to support the body in positions of relaxation, Restorative Yoga releases tension and brings a level of tranquility that allows both body and mind to rejuvenate. For all levels.

Stretch & Relax

Kyoko McKellin's weekly class combines gentle stretching, conscious breathing and restorative postures using props for relaxation.  
For all levels.

 Core Strength Yoga

Functional core training to increase strength and stability in the pelvis, low back, hips and abdomen. This class uses bodyweight and resistance exercises to improve muscular strength and ensure the body works in harmony.

Advanced Practices,

Core Strength Training and Functional Movement

Yoga Tree offers classes, workshops and trainings for both advanced yoga practitioners and athletes seeking to improve their mobility and inner muscle strength through movement-based practices. Michael Glenn’s Monday Series Class, which takes place on select Mondays each month, offers instruction in many advanced postures and smart progressions to advance your practice.

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Temporary Policies Related to Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus

  • Class reservations accepted on our Online Schedule.

  • You must arrive on time. Late arrivals may not enter. 

  • We request that you bring your own yoga mat, belt and block.

  • If you use any studio prop, please sanitize it after the class.

  • More information on our studio here.

Our Instructors

Michael Glenn

Michael is the founder of Yoga Tree and director of the Yoga Tree Teacher Training Program. His approach encourages intensity in practice while allowing the space for self-observation that leads to insights into oneself. Centering on progressions grounded in both traditional hatha yoga and modern kinesthetics, his classes offer students a path to reaching their potential.

Kumiko Koba

From various injuries caused by many years of competitive dancing and a stressful corporate lifestyle, Kumiko is dedicated to sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga through the alignment of body, mind and breath.

Jon Omori

Former U.S. Junior Gymnastics National Champion, USA World Team and Olympic Trials team member, Jon Omori brings his athletics background to the teaching of yoga. Jon currently works with the U.S. Olympic Committee, supporting the activities of its teams in Japan, and consults on the development of sports programs.

Aki Negishi

Due to changes in her body and stress after childbirth, Aki started practicing yoga to restore mental and physical balance. From the good fortune of studying with many great teachers, yoga has given her a new awareness of life. Her classes aim to bring the mind and body to a centered state of harmony.

Mikiko Yatabe

A devoted yoga practitioner since 2000, Mikiko has embarked on the study of many yoga traditions. She teaches alignment based Hatha Yoga with the intention to lead practitioners to cultivate their inner strength and awareness for spiritual growth.  Member of Yoga Tree’s teacher-training program.

Marjorie Meyssignac

A devoted practitioner of Iyengar Yoga for many years, Marjorie branched out to explore different teachings and, in a continuous quest to explore Mind, Body and Spirit, has become an energy healing practitioner. Her classes are a unique blend of her diverse studies, touching on topics from anatomy to the power of the mind. 

Anette de Nijs

Anette started her yoga journey during her pregnancy in 2000. Already a well-established fitness / aerobics instructor and health coach, she knew instantly that this was the missing piece of her active life. In intense and down-to-earth lessons, she emphasizes the importance of learning to take care of yourself in body and mind to fully enjoy life.

Eriko Nakano

Eriko discovered yoga while a student in college and found that the more she practiced yoga, the more she experienced its benefits to both body and mind. As a certified chiropractor she currently works as a Spine Therapist while continuing her study of various styles of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Restorative.

Satoko Tanaka

Certified Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience practicing yoga. Advanced yoga practitioner with extensive studies in both the Ashtanga and Iyengar lineages.

Kyoko McKellin

Yoga has improved Kyoko’s life in different aspects. As a mother of two, with a husband who practices yoga, Kyoko believes yoga is for everyone, all ages and genders, to heal and find a better way of life physically and mentally. Kyoko enjoys sharing the joy of yoga with her students greatly.

Ooki Izumi

A competitive ultra-marathon runner and long-distance swimmer, Ooki Izumi discovered how yoga can improve performance and well being by bringing balance to body, mind and breath. He approaches the benefits of yoga from an athlete’s perspective and shares his experience in his teaching.

Erika Arakawa

Erika is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. Her keen dedication to a rigorous daily practice informs her meticulous teaching. Erika’s classes are joyful eye-opening discoveries for beginning students and experienced teachers alike.

Miho Yoshida

Miho’s professional background in psychology grew into a fascination with how yoga brings steadiness and well-being to the mind. Committed to growing her personal practice day by day, she teaches yoga as a tool for living life to the fullest. Miho is a certified yoga therapist and member of Yoga Tree’s teacher-training program.

Yohko Fujimoto

After experiencing poor health due to stress, Yohko recovered by discovering the connection of body and mind and the importance of the breath through yoga. She shares the importance of these things through daily yoga practices.

Private Instruction, 
Corporate Classes,

& Personal Training

Yoga Tree teachers are available for one-on-one instruction as well as private group classes at our studio, or your home or office.

Jon Omori and Anette de Nijs offer personal training sessions. For rates and availability, please contact us.

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