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また、チケットやYoga Treeパスは休業期間 (3/5~3/13)分、有効期限を10日間延長します











Yoga Tree Reopens Saturday March 14th


Temporary new policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak

Classes will resume at Yoga Tree on Saturday March 14th.
In the near-term, to alleviate the risk of compounding the spread of the new coronavirus, we are implementing new policies on class size and prop usage. At the same time, we will increase our efforts to clean props and common areas and maintain good air ventilation. We are also asking for your support to ensure that we can hold classes in a secure environment.

Class Size
Classes will be limited to 15 students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sorry, we cannot take reservations. Once a class begins, the doors will be closed and late arrivals will not be allowed to enter.

Personal Yoga Mats
We encourage everyone to bring and use their own yoga mat. We will still make studio mats available. If you use one of our mats, we request that you clean it thoroughly after the class with the sanitizer that we provide.

Other Props
If you have your own yoga strap and block, please bring and use them. We also ask that you bring a large towel that can be used over our bolsters and blankets. We will still have studio props available for general use. As with our mats, we request that you wipe them thoroughly after the class with the sanitizer that we provide.

Adjustments, Partner Work and Props
In the style of yoga that we teach, adjustments, partner work and prop use are vital parts of the practice. For the time being, however, we will reduce and in some cases eliminate these activities. Blankets, bolsters and chairs may be used in some classes. You are welcome to opt out of any practice involving studio props if you have concerns.

Possible Class Cancellations and Substitutions
We may have to cancel classes or have substitutions on short notice in the coming weeks. So, please always check our online schedule before coming to the studio.

Ticket Validity
Due to the studio closure from March 5 - 13, we are extending the the validity of all 5-class and 10-class ticket packs and the Yoga Tree Pass by 10 days.

What We Ask of You
To minimize the risk of spreading illness or infection, please wash your hands or use sanitizer when you arrive at the studio. If you develop any cold symptoms, particularly respiratory conditions or a fever, refrain from attending classes until you are certain that you are healthy.

Going Forward
We will continue to do our best to remain in line with any recommendations and guidelines the government and healthcare officials issue. So, please keep an eye out for further updates.

Personal Responsibility
Lastly, it should be said that much remains uncertain about this virus. By choosing to attend classes, you accept personal responsibility for your health.


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