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Workshops, Courses & Events

Each year Yoga Tree organizes workshops and special courses with internationally recognized teachers such as Carrie Owerko and Brian Hogencamp as well as our own instructors. With content ranging from advanced asana to core strength and functional movement, and courses offered in anatomy, yoga philosophy and more, our programs offer you the opportunity to explore new approaches to yoga and expand your practice in new directions. Our upcoming events are listed below. 

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Anatomy for Yoga:
An 8-Part Experiential Series
with Yuko Sugeta
Tuesdays & Thursdays, November 2019

To become an effective teacher of yoga asana, knowledge of anatomy is essential. The more you understand the physical body and how it moves, the better you will understand your own practice and the more capable you will be to teach others.

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Lines of Connection: 25-Hour Asana Intensive
with Brian Hogencamp
January 15-19, 2020

This intermediate-level course introduces and explores the details of asanas and how the postures connect in the Iyengar Yoga approach. Each day will be divided into two sessions: (1) asana practice; and (2) study of the themes taught in asana practice.

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Monday Series Class
with Michael Glenn
September 9th - December 9th

Intended for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners, this ongoing series of special classes centers on progressions toward advanced asanas. Classes are available on a drop-in basis. Instructor’s permission required to attend.

Yoga Tree Teacher Training Module 1
with Satoko Tanaka & Mikiko Yatabe
September 7, 2019 - January 11, 2020

Detailing the Asanas, the introductory course in Yoga Tree’s teacher-training program, runs on Saturdays from 13:45 - 15:45. Classes are available on a drop-in basis. This is a perfect way to hone your skills and see if yoga teaching is the path for you.

Teacher Training

Yoga Tree’s Teacher Training Program attracts both prospective teachers wanting certification as well as certified teachers seeking to gain new knowledge and skills. Comprising five modules, our program gives you the flexibility to study and select the content you desire as you progress. Our focus is on producing excellent teachers, so we make your skills development our priority.